Semicolon Bracelet Makes You Look More Attractive

Semicolon participates flexible and personalized together with introductory and birthstone. Semicolon enchant is laser green lace extends and is silver plated enameled ahead a silver finished steel bangle.

Subtle components:

Bangles are made using 100 percent high test stainless steel*, 65mm in dimension (medium), 1.8mm thick

This arm jewelry fits sizes as it's an cord material. Learn about semicolon bracelet on

(On the off Possibility that you need a little Dimensions, I do have a little bangle, 60mm, please let me know in the note at checkout)

Initials are stamped on 1/2" (12.7mm) large review aluminum distances with 3mm stamped initials

Charms are silver Laser engraved stainless steel*

Birthstones are Swarovski stones, Width - 6mm, Length - 10mm

Charms are appended utilizing high inspection stainless steel hoop rings

*Stainless steel materials aren't as amazing as silver or silver plated, they're a shade of silver yet they won't ever wear or blot after some time.

If you do not mind choose the letter you may wish to be stamped on the allure and also the birthstone to your Swarovski engage before adding into your truck starting.

It would be ideal if you allow 1-3 days for your thing shipped and to be produced to you.

Each of my things is bundled with no froth material with the mind in a 100 material art box.

Much obliged to you! I trust you discover what you're trying to find.