Yvonne gave me an insight into what is going on behind-the-scenes, which was information that I really needed to know at this time. I definitely appreciated her emphasis on certain key words and feelings. This helped outline what I needed to know and address. Throughout our conversation, she was kind, considerate, real, and helped me to understand people and events and to better validate situations in general.

Kelly Hart
I was literally enchanted by my encounter with Yvonne. She took me on an unexpected journey in the magical world of fairies and unicorns! I received inspiring, uplifting, love-filled answers to my request: "Please show me the way". It felt like reconnecting with my all-knowing precious inner child. A priceless gift from a talented angelic emissary who delivers her messages with humor and grace. Thank you Universe for manifesting Yvonne in my life when I needed a little boost! Genevieve
Yvonne's coaching style is empowering, gentle and spot on. She taught me the tips that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Her support, encouragement and wisdom highlighted that I must shine my light and take care of myself before anyone else. I now understand my Human Design and how it impacts how I am in this world. Her intuition allows her to see your next step, whether it be action steps, affirmations, a change in perception. I experienced so many Ahas with Yvonne that told me she really saw me and knew me. Thank you, Yvonne!

Love and light,
Yvonne helped me see through all the what if's I filled my head with. Before our reading I had talked myself out of doing my project altogether. I didn't even care about getting certified. I was even hoping she would cancel the reading. I had given up. I filled my head with a lot of "what if's" and self doubt. The reading she gave me, gave me the clarity I needed. It reignited my passion to help our wounded veterans. Because of that I am doing my internship program and I will be certified. I owe her a big THANK YOU!!!!!!

Donn Smith
I had one of the sessions and as soon as I get paid again, I am going to get more sessions. It was so wonderful. I had been suffocating in a thick, dark cloud and since my session...I haven't felt that way at all. She showed me the light I was looking for. I highly recommend this.

Who wouldn't want to know their life purpose so they can begin living it more fully right away? Yvonne is truly gifted in receiving and communicating information specifically related to the life purpose/mission. She affirmed what I already knew and gave me some additional things to think about. She has helped me to identify some of my own blocks to fully living my purpose, and she has helped me fully embrace my medical intuitive and healing gifts so that I can incorporate them into what I offer in my business. One of my colleagues calls her an earth angel. Her kind, loving demeanor and sincere willingness to serve others comes through in her readings. I feel more aligned with my purpose than ever before. Thanks, Yvonne! You are truly a gift.

Nancie Welsh Benson
Business Passion Expert and Success Strategist
Dear Yvonne,

It was such a pleasure to work with you today Yvonne! I love your energy and connection with spirit. I realize it is only our first session together and I am already feeling the benefits of working with you. The connection between my throat and sacral chakras was not something I had considered in the past and makes complete sense to me. I feel I now can begin healing in these areas. How wonderful for me! It is now clear I have been holding myself back in so many areas and doing myself a disservice. Of course this was not intentional! Bringing these things to light for me has brought me such clarity to what I need to do to bring my Life Purpose to the world. I'm really excited to do the exercises that were suggested by the guides and angels. It will be a fun way to tune back into what I love and finally recognize the gifts I have to offer. I am really looking forward to our next session! Your love for what you do really shines through and the warmth you bring to the session is really inviting & nurturing. Thank you again for this wonderful experience today!

Love, Jill Hass xo
Omg!!! Haha me still cracking up and smiling in confirmation!!! You are so on point. I have to keep taking it in! Thank you Yvonne!!!!

Jamie Street
Your reading was right on, Yvonne, about my throat chakra and everything else, profoundly right, and it came at a time when I most needed it. You have no idea how important the messages of your reading are. Thank you Yvonne, thank you angels.

Andras Bucsinszky
I loved Yvonne Peraza's ability to tune into the Divine through the Angels and Ascended Masters. Her energy is infectious and talking to her is like reconnecting to a wonderful and dear friend. She touched upon issues that were important for me to gain clarity and at the end I felt that I had all the answers I was looking for. I highly recommend Yvonne Peraza.

Sincerely, Milagros Trejo
My first ever Angel Reading session with Yvonne was awesome. In this beautiful "go with the flow" session, she connected me with my two archangels, Michael and Uriel, who are here to help me on this leg of my life's journey. The meditation we did was energizing, relaxing, and exciting. I feel so happy, healthy and healed. Thank you, Yvonne!

Mari McCarthy
Yvonne’s Personalized Angel Reading was an hour of pure joy and magic! The messages she received made perfect sense to me. Yvonne and I discussed how to incorporate the divine messages into my life and what are some next steps to get there. She is a loving and compassionate guide! I highly recommend Yvonne’s angel readings if you want to get another step closer to living your life’s purpose.

~Toni Cay Snyder, PhD
For the first time in my life, I'm out talking with people, and I never would have imagined being comfortable doing so. Changes happened on a level my own guides couldn't help with, and happened in a natural, comfortable, and smooth conversation. She picked up on the places I was avoiding, and managed to maneuver me around the obstacles. Only question would be how to do her justice!

Liz Lawlis
My reading from Yvonne made a big difference for me. It confirmed some of what I had been feeling but more importantly gave me clear assurance as to what direction I needed to take. Her energy is comforting and powerful. I would highly recommend Yvonne as a spiritual reader. I am so grateful that my angels guided me to meet and work with her. Thank you!

Kellie B.
Thanks for the fabulous reading. It was just what I needed.

Joy Gordon
I loved talking to Yvonne Peraza. She was so kind to me and my son. I loved her sense of humor and laughter.

Amber S.
Yvonne was absolutely authentic and gave all of her self and skills in the most loving and caring manner. The messages she passed on to me and interpreted with oracle cards was spot on, exactly what I needed. She also picked up on things that have been in my mind (taking my personal growth and business angel into sensual/sexuality context), that I thought I was not ‘ nought for’. She gave me great peace-knowing my angels are walking along side me and holding me strong. I felt like i could chat to her all day, not just in a professional manner, but friendly terms- she was there for me. After our session together I feel so much ready to move forward and embrace all of me. I highly recommend Yvonne, she is awesome and loveable. THANK YOU THANK YOU Yvonne. (muah)

Michelle G.
Yvonne has a such a beautiful, calming presence. Her connection with the angels and ascended masters is heart-centered and you can feel that when she brings their guidance through. My reading was very affirming, and positive and I truly appreciate the time that Yvonne spent with me making sure that my questions were answered and that I left my experience feeling fully supported and seen.

Nicole Ortega
Intuitive Life Alchemist
I must admit I was a little skeptical. I've never had Reiki before so I didn't know what to expect. It was a remote session, however, it was a wonderful and powerful experience! I felt tingling sensations, saw colors, and felt vibrations throughout my body. I'm a believer! I even found solutions to a few problems I had. Yvonne is amazing!

Kevin M.
I just received clearing sprays for my upcoming classes!! They are absolutely AMAZING! They smell soooooooo goooooood! I can smell an ancient Egypt from them i swear!!! I just want to bathe in it!!! Thank you sooooo much Yvonne Peraza ! You are amazingly talented for making those sprays!! Ladies and gentlemen if you need clearing sprays for your classes, healing sessions or for your house use this is the lady you want order from!! Trust me!! You won't be disappointed!! I LOVE them! Yvonne knew exactly what i wanted and on top of it channeled even messages for me during making those sprays!! So they were taylor made for me and my egyptian origins! Gonna order from Yvonne only from now on!!! Thank you again Yvonne, dear friend.