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Hello beautiful Soul!

Archangel Michael
In 2008, I was sitting in my cubicle…bored to death! I had finished all of my work for the day that summer morning. I was thrilled…freedom, so why was I bored? There has to be more than this I thought. That’s when an image of Archangel Michael came into my mind like a ton of bricks!!! I knew who he was thanks to my spiritual mom. I began researching him and was in awe of everything that I found. This picture made me stop everything that I was doing!

I was filled with such loving emotions, nothing that I’ve ever experienced before. My hands trembled as I was filled with curious energy. Google wasn’t fast enough for me! I hadn't realized how much time I spent researching him because next thing I knew--it was time to go home! I had forgotten all about my boredom. Hallelujah!

I continued my research at home with my newly found excitement!!! It was then that I found Doreen Virtue and her International Angel Day. I soon learned that this was a special day being held across the U.S. I was lucky enough to find someone close to home. My hands were shaking with so much excitement! This was all new to me!

I had my first encounter with my intuition in September of 2008. I’ve never looked back and my mission is to help you tap into yours!

I currently live in the New York City area with my husband, children, and our French bulldogs. Life is busy in the Peraza household.

Thank you for visiting my page!

In Divine Service,
My certifications include:
Angelic Life Coach® through AngelsTeach University
Human Design Specialist through Karen Curry
Angel Certified Practitioner® (ACP) by Tina Marie Daly and Charles Virtue
Advanced Angel Certified Practitioner® (AACP) by Charles Virtue
Angel Communication Master™ through AngelsTeach University
Usui Reiki Master Teacher by Reiki Blessings Academy
Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer
Certified Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner by Tina Marie Daly
Certified Angel Card Reader™ by Doreen Virtue
Lightarian™ AngelLinks and Reiki facilitator by the Lightarian Institute
I am Intuitive Healer and Assistant to the Next Step in Your Life.
I look forward in sharing my gifts with you!
Angel Blessings.